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TETRAPOL devices

Creating the right tools for professionals

Professional users need rugged, easy-to-use devices that will not let them down under pressure during mission-critical operations. Handportable and mobile Tetrapol radios are reliable and robust tools for voice and data communication.

TETRAPOL radio terminals exploit the latest innovations in mainstream mobile technologies, such as superior display and battery technologies.

Rich functionality makes best use of the advanced services provided by TETRAPOL networks.

  • Intelligent voice coding suppresses ambient noise to provide excellent voice quality.
  • Open technology enables the multi-sourcing of devices and gives users more choice.
  • Open technology also promotes interoperability between devices from different vendors.

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Complementary Accessories

Manufacturers have also developed a full range of TETRAPOL products to complement the terminals:

Accessories for Tetrapol radios help you tailor the radio for your needs.

  • The wide range of accessories include motorbike helmet mike/earpiece solutions, desktop accessories and chargers, among others.
  • Direct mode (DMO) repeaters and direct mode to trunked mode (DMO-TMO) gateway repeaters extend coverage.

TETRAPOL related products and solutions