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Public transport and industry

Boosting Efficiency All Round

Transport operators can improve perceived service quality by increasing operational efficiency. TETRAPOL group communication and dispatching provides excellent tools for controlling daily operations and recovering quickly from breakdowns or other disruptions.

TETRAPOL data services offer functions such as GPS-based Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Dispatchers can monitor the fleet and location-based applications can improve passenger services. On-board displays can keep customers informed.

Easing The Way Through Airports

TETRAPOL helps to reduce turnaround times and keep flights on schedule. Diverse groups such as caterers, shuttle buses, re-fueling, security and luggage handling staff all need to work smoothly together. Otherwise poor communication can lead to delays, missed flight slots and frustrated passengers.

Task-oriented dialing enables relevant teams to keep in touch without knowing their individual numbers. You might want to contact a bus driver, for instance, or everyone involved with a certain flight number.

Improving Productivity

In industrial plants with high production volumes, even a short production break results in significant losses, so fast recovery is essential. TETRAPOL is far more efficient than GSM for reaching teams of people, such as maintenance crews.

Industry leaders including Airbus and BMW have chosen TETRAPOL to secure their operations.