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A rich resource for boosting efficiency

TETRAPOL provides a rich set of data services to complement voice communication. Data is used increasingly to replace routine voice communication in dispatching to assign tasks and for status reporting.

TETRAPOL basic data services:

  • Text messages or short message service (SMS)
  • Status messages
  • IP packet data for connectivity to corporate intranets

TETRAPOL also offers versatile data bearers, including one or more extended control channels to enhance the capacity for text messaging or GPS-based automatic vehicle location (AVL). A dedicated data channel provides a very efficient uplink channel for data applications.

TETRAPOL networks offer narrowband data with the same level of coverage and security as voice services.

The main benefits of data

  • Direct database access from the field enables officers to make routine checks on people or vehicles without involving the dispatcher.
  • Using data to assign tasks to field officers means that the recipient(s) can check the message afterwards. A voice command cannot be checked without contacting the dispatcher.
  • Data reduces routine voice traffic. Command and control systems can also use status data to update their databases and graphical information systems (GIS) without dispatcher intervention.
  • Users can forward or re-transmit data to their colleagues as needed.
  • Data eliminates the misunderstandings that can arise with verbal instructions.
  • Data optimizes the use of network capacity. Reporting the status of a field unit using a status message takes a fraction of a second, while voice reporting of the status takes much longer.