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Public safety

Protecting Those Who Protect The Public

Officers who put their lives at stake deserve reliable communication. TETRAPOL is available always and everywhere within the coverage area.

  • Secure, end-to-end encrypted communication prevents eavesdropping and supports the fight against crime.
  • All security features promote improved officer safety, but TETRAPOL goes even further with features such as priority emergency calls and ambient listening.
  • TETRAPOL also protects the integrity of the public services, with voice recording and logging to demonstrate that officers have done their job properly.
  • TETRAPOL terminals transmit signals only when the push-to-talk button is pressed. This stops criminals from using signal scanners to detect police activity.
  • TETRAPOL has a proven track record with more than 1.850.000 users worldwide, most of them in public safety. Nationwide or wide area networks are deployed in the Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Spain and Switzerland.

Trends In Public Safety

  • Data services such as automatic vehicle location (AVL) are improving situational awareness.
  • Integration with command and control rooms is on the rise thanks to TETRAPOL's open application interfaces (APIs), which enable developers to integrate TETRAPOL with other systems.
  • Data applications increasingly enable access to mission-critical data directly from the field.
  • Shared use of a common communication infrastructure promotes co-operation between public safety agencies by removing any technical obstacles to effective communication.