Tetrapol / Markets and trends


Security is the overriding concern

The inherent security of TETRAPOL's end-to-end encryption is fundamental in defence operations.

TETRAPOL terminals transmit signals only when the push-to-talk button is pressed. This silent operation helps to keep operations secret. Hostile parties cannot find TETRAPOL users using signal scanners.

TETRAPOL delivers maximum flexibility

TETRAPOL can be rapidly deployed for short- or medium-term operations. TETRAPOL includes small repeaters that can be deployed in minutes and container-based solutions that can be set up in a few hours.

IP-based architecture enables seamless integration with other systems, such as IP-telephony, satellite communication and IT-technology. TETRAPOL can therefore form an integral part of a fully operational mission-critical communication system.

A proven record in defence

Rapidly deployable TETRAPOL systems have proved successful in international peace keeping and crisis management. For example the German Bunderswehr has used vehicle-mounted TETRAPOL systems in Kosovo and Afghanistan. These first systems proved so successful that the German forces have since acquired a further 30 vehicle-mounted TETRAPOL systems.

In addition to the German successes, TETRAPOL has proven itself in defence operations for France, Mexico and Spain.

TETRAPOL is part of a wider trend to user affordable commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for non-war (non-tactical) operations. Defence users can opt for more affordable, non-tactical TETRAPOL solutions in garrisons, training camps, military bases and even on board vessels.