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Delivering full functionality

TETRAPOL Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide developers with access to the rich voice and data functionality within TETRAPOL.

The right interface for the right application

  • The CC-API gives access to TETRAPOL voice services providing external interface to manage specific Tetrapol signaling.
  • The CC-IS is for user management and the management of communication profiles.
  • The Automatic Location Information API is for GPS-based location information and operational status.
  • The NM-IS API is the SNMP compliant network management interface giving status and information on the Tetrapol network components.
  • The TETRAPOL terminals data interface API and NDIS driver.

A world of possibilities

Typical applications developed using these APIs include command and control room solutions, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) applications based on GPS location information, user management, network supervision and management applications.

The APIs enable third parties to develop applications for TETRAPOL users and network operators. Please contact your TETRAPOL representative to get more information about the available API specification and the way to get it.

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