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TETRAPOL is an open technology

The Publicly Available Specifications

TETRAPOL is an open technology, which means that the specifications are available to manufacturers who want to develop new products or solutions for TETRAPOL networks.

The Publicly Available Specifications (PAS), which include more than 3,000 pages, define the various interfaces in a TETRAPOL infrastructure.

  • Radio access (air interface)
  • TETRAPOL terminals
  • Network management and interfaces
  • Gateways to other networks.

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TETRAPOL also includes application programming interfaces (APIs), which enable third-party application developers to create complementary voice and data applications for TETRAPOL users.


Open specifications and application programming interfaces encourage the industry to develop new products and solutions for TETRAPOL networks and TETRAPOL users. This delivers a wider choice of products and applications for different user groups with different needs.

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