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Professional users in public safety or industry need reliable and effective group call communications. Tetrapol is an open, digital, purpose-built professional mobile radio (PMR) technology designed to suit these most demanding of users. From public safety agencies and the military to utility and transport operators, professionals around the world rely on Tetrapol to provide secure, reliable voice and data communications.

Today, users perceive their Tetrapol radios as a most valuable tool in their daily work. They must have confidence that Tetrapol communications can support their duties also in the future and with a good level of service. In addition, users want new services, applications and devices for their practical needs.

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Tetrapol is evolving and brings many innovations to help your customers to implement future usages around Broadband technology.

Discover in this video why Airbus hybrid solutions are the best way to build hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network.

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Do you have questions about Tetrapol and the future? Then this white paper is for you!

A hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network is the preferred solution to meet the needs for reliable, mission critical communications and for new multimedia services.

This white paper discusses the evolution of mission critical communications and the options there are for mission critical mobile broadband. It also explains how the transition to broadband can best be managed.

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What is the best way to build a hybrid Tetrapol and LTE network? Download The bridge to broadband white paper and you will know:
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Tetrapol is ideal for day-to-day operations, providing individual (one-to-one) and group (one-to-many) voice services, complemented by a growing range of data services. Users also know that robust Tetrapol technology will not let them down in a crisis, whether it's a natural disaster or a man-made incident.

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There are 40 Tetrapol networks in 15 countries around the world.

TETRAPOL publicly available specifications


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